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D e b i t C a r d

ATM Cards provide our customers an additional facility to carry out banking transactions at their own convenience. Our Bank has ATM cards from various vendors, including our Domestic vendor, RuPay. RuPay Cards come with various offers, domestic as well as international, from time to time, which can be checked at the official website of RuPay. 

The card identifies the customers and enables them to conduct transactions at ATMs in conjunction with their Personal Identification Number (PIN). This ATM PIN is known to only the customer and transactions can be done with the ATM cards only if the PIN is entered. Hence it offers security to the customers’ money.

However, customers need to take following care with The ATM and PIN:

1. Change the initial PIN: The initial PIN in a PIN mailer is delivered to the customer at the branch. This PIN mailer is so designed that the number printed therein can be read only after tearing-open the mailer. The customer should invariably be advised to change the initial PIN during the first use at an ATM.

2. Need to maintain secrecy of PIN: The customer should be advised to maintain the secrecy of the PIN. If at any time the customer feels that the PIN has been compromised, he should be advised to change it immediately. The PIN can be changed any number of times. This would go a long way in preventing misuse of the card.

3. Wrong Entry of PIN: In case the PIN is entered wrongly thrice in succession the ATM will not permit any more attempts for the day.

4. New PIN: In case the customer is unable to recollect the PIN, he should approach the branch for a new PIN. A request for a new can be raised by the branch and new PIN will be generated from the back end.

These cards can also be used to make payments of purchases at merchant outlets, like shopping malls, Fuel Stations, Theatres, Super-markets etc. wherever the POS machine facility is available

When an ATM card is lost, it should be immediately reported to the ATM contact centre at 1800-532-7444/1800-833-1004/1800-123-6230